Board of Directors

Jeff Rogers
Board President

Jeff Rogers is a rural development expert and co-founder of Child Legacy International (CLI), which he and Karen Rogers established in 1987 to bring hope to disadvantaged rural populations in Africa. He has over 30 years of on the ground experience in rural development, successfully implementing sustainable initiatives in healthcare, clean water access, vocational training, orphan care, and agriculture advancements in Zimbabwe and Malawi. Jeff’s state-of-the-art renewable energy system is used in both countries and has been recognized as a model for rural development by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union (AU). CLI’s holistic Sustainable Village model is somewhat unique and proven effective.  CLI’s philosophy is to provide a “hand up, not a handout.” Thereby training and developing local people to do the work and become future leaders. 

Jeff’s work through CLI has earned multiple endorsements from members of the US Congress and international government ministries from Great Britain, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. He also serves as an active board member for The Life Link and as a founding board member of Hallmark University, a US-based educational institution. He is also the Founder and CEO of Moyo Goods, PBC. In December 2022, Jeff was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Philanthropy and Humanitarianism by Rocky Mountain University for his work in Africa.

 Future CLI Priorities include:

  • Evolving as an “Innovation Hub and Center of Excellence for rural Africa” To leverage CLI’s capabilities by helping other NGO’s, CLI plans to expand its capabilities and collaboration with partners to cover topics such as the nationwide well repair program, sustainable village concept, renewable energy, water supply, agriculture and aquaculture, modern technologies, and sustainability.
  • MOYO Goods– a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) intended to generate for-profit revenue from sales of macadamia nuts and coffee that will be used to offset medical and other costs.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Malawi is projected to be substantially deforested by 2030. CLI is growing and demonstrating the potential of giant bamboo as one part of the solution. CLI is also evaluating various carbon offset initiatives both to generate revenue and serve as a model for others.
Karen Rogers
Board Vice President
Karen Rogers is a co-founder of Child Legacy International. With a deep commitment to providing hope and humanitarian aid to disadvantaged rural communities in Africa, Karen has dedicated her life to making a positive impact. During a devastating drought in Zimbabwe, Karen took charge of organizing the daily feeding of over 60,000 rural individuals, primarily focusing on children under the age of five. Her exceptional feeding model not only ensured the sustenance of those in need but also garnered crucial support from the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Welfare, and the British High Commission. This recognition further strengthened Child Legacy International’s mission to bring lasting change to vulnerable populations. Collaborating with esteemed organizations such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Embassy of the United States of America, and the Canadian High Commission in Zimbabwe, Karen worked tirelessly to develop and enhance Child Legacy’s programs. In 1992, Karen and Jeff embarked on an ambitious endeavor to create the first Sustainable Village prototype in Chingele, Zimbabwe. This groundbreaking model aimed to be replicated throughout rural Africa and offered critical services such as primary healthcare, orphan care, vocational training, agriculture, and food supply. Despite the challenge of being situated far from the nearest power grid, Karen and Jeff designed and implemented an innovative system that harnessed solar panels, wind turbines, and jack pumps to provide electricity and water to all facilities. Building upon their success, they initiated a second prototype in Malawi in 2008 on a larger scale. This remarkable project encompassed a regional hospital specializing in women and children’s health, a maternity waiting shelter, staff and guest housing, water wells, agriculture, aquaculture, and vocational training. Karen played a pivotal role in the development of these areas, particularly focusing on the rural hand pump well repair program. She dedicated countless days and weeks in under-resourced villages, enduring hardships and sleeping on the ground, to refine the program’s expertise, processes, and team training. Witnessing the transformative power of providing clean, safe water became a constant source of joy and motivation for Karen. By the end of 2022, the well repair program expanded to an impressive 5,200 well repairs across Malawi, positively impacting the lives of over 10 million people. The program’s primary funding stems from CLI’s Clean Water Climb initiative. Today, Karen lives in Texas, near her two sons and grandchildren.
Kevin Talley
Independent Board Member - Chairman

Kevin is a retired oil and gas executive with a passion for international ministry work. He spent 40 years in the industry, including 14 years as President of Tana Exploration. He has a degree in Geology from Oklahoma State University. He has been involved in international ministry work for the past 20 years, with CLI being his main focus. He was International Ministry Coordinator for Church Project in The Woodlands and helped found Church Project Winter Park in Colorado and serves on its Board. He is also a Staff Mountaineering Guide for Voice of Wilderness.

Kevin’s involvement with CLI began in 2013 when he participated in the Kilimanjaro Clean Water Climb and visited CLI’s project site in Malawi. Since then, Kevin has been captivated by the work being done by CLI and has been an active member of the Board since 2014.

As Chairman of the Board, Kevin is committed to helping CLI achieve its mission of bringing hope and a future to rural Malawi and Zimbabwe through sustainable development programs in Clean Water, Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He believes that CLI’s work can serve as a model for other rural ministries throughout sub-Sahara Africa.

Kevin has participated in 14 Clean Water Climbs, leading four trips to South America and three in Colorado. He has also visited the Malawi project site 13 times and plans to make his 14th trip in May of 2023. Kevin was elected Chairman of the Board in 2020 and was re-elected in 2023.

Kevin and his wife Lesa have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. They split their time between homes in Granby, Colorado, and Montgomery, Texas, and are committed to creating a better world for future generations.

Steve Eckhart
Independent Board Member

Steve first became involved with Child Legacy during a visit to Malawi in 2010 where he discovered the organization’s mission and saw how the model was transforming the lives of the local community. A short time later he was asked to join the Board and has been back to Malawi several times including with his family.  His work on the Board includes planning and communicating compelling stories that motivate people to take action.

Steve is the Area Director for Tensar International, a division of Commercial Metals Company. Throughout his career, Steve has held numerous leadership positions in the Church and private organizations including managing a $250 million business. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Western Illinois University and his Master’s Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Steve has been married to Jennifer since 1994. They have three boys together and two additional children they sponsor through Compassion International. Their greatest desire is to see the Gospel permeate people’s lives such that they live the mission of Jesus.


Mike Hockett
Independent Board Member
Mike toured the CLI site in 2008 and was inspired by Jeff’s vision, leading him to join the CLI Board in 2009. He has since visited the site many times, with a focus on vocational training and agriculture. Mr. Hockett has extensive experience in the wholesale automotive auction business. He began with Indianapolis Auto Auction in 1962 and later built Auto Dealers Exchange (ADE) in Indianapolis. He acquired several auctions and a floor-plan company before taking ADE public in 1992, changing its name to ADESA. In 2000, he started Auction Broadcasting Company (ABC) and combined online selling with live auctions, creating the first auction chain to sell cars both ways. He also founded Dealer Services Corporation (DSC), now NextGear Capital. Mr. Hockett owns Diversified Vehicle Services (DVS) and CIL Capital. Aside from his business ventures, Mr. Hockett is a devout Christian who became a follower of Jesus Christ in 1983. He has traveled to more than 50 countries, starting with the Soviet Union in 1989 and most recently visiting North Korea and India. He serves on the board of directors of several organizations, including Child Legacy (Malawi), Streams in the Desert (Nigeria), International Cooperating Ministries (ICM), Sports World Ministries, and The Urban Foundation.
Denny McGuire
Independent Board Member
Denny McGuire and his wife, Marty, have been actively involved with CLI since 2008. They have visited the Malawi site multiple times and have another trip planned for this year. Denny has been serving continuously on the CLI board since 2010, demonstrating his deep commitment to the organization. The McGuire family is enthusiastic about supporting CLI because they have witnessed firsthand the remarkable transformation of a 70-acre barren parcel of land into a thriving 550-acre campus serving a 60,000-person rural under resourced catchment area. The CLI team provides support and critical resources that tangibly demonstrates Christ’s unconditional love for all. Denny’s professional career spans over 40 years, with experience at State Farm, Andersen Consulting (Accenture), and Andrews & Kurth. He also co-founded TPI (Technology Partners International) in 1989, which grew to have international operations and annual revenues of more than $140 million. After TPI was acquired in 2007, Denny broadened his ministry work and has since supported organizations such as CLI (Malawi), Inspiration Ranch, – Equine assisted Therapy (Houston), UMMEED (Mumbai), Living Water International (Kenya), Star of Hope (Houston), and Houston Baptist University. Denny graduated from Illinois State University in 1968 and served as a U.S. Army officer from 1968 to 1971. Denny and Marty have been married for 50 years and have been blessed with two daughters, two sons-in-law and eight grandchildren.
Michael E. Navolio
Independent Board Member

Mike Navolio is a retired exploration and production petroleum seismologist with 43 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He obtained his BS and MS degrees in Engineering Geoscience from Cal Berkeley in 1973 and 1975, respectively. After his successful career in the industry, he decided to embark on a new journey that involved giving back to society through mission trips to Africa.

Beginning in 2007, Mike went on a series of life-changing mission trips to Africa, visiting countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, and Malawi. During his second visit to Child Legacy in Malawi, he got the idea to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for Child Legacy’s water well ministry. Thus, the Mt. Kilimanjaro “Clean Water Climb (CWC)” was born, which he has organized and led since 2011. Through 2022, CLI’s has repaired 5,328 well benefiting more than 10 million people.

Mike has led 15 treks to the summit of Kilimanjaro, 3 treks to Everest Base Camp, and 1 to the summit of Mt. Mulanje, all in support of Child Legacy’s water well ministry. He has also made 20 trips to Child Legacy and brought over 200 people with him since his first visit in 2009.

Mike’s devotion to his work and his philanthropic endeavors is only matched by his love for his family. He has been married to his wife Jennifer since 1972, and together they have two grown children and four grandchildren. They attend Church Project and host House Church every week in their home.

Michelle ernst
Independent Board Member

Michelle Ernst currently serves as the Co-Founder of 100 Women of the Hill Country and Principal at Mayfair Haus. Her professional areas of focus include brand marketing, brand strategy, public relations, and interior design.

As the former Founding Partner and creator of The Dienger Trading Co., she immersed herself in fulfilling a market gap for a rapidly growing community from 2014 until Spring 2022. Prior to launching DTC, Michelle held a ten-year career in public relations, brand and strategic marketing, with side passion projects in interior design.

Child Legacy found a place in Michelle’s heart after a happenstance meeting with Co-Founders and Visionaries, Jeff and Karen Rogers, in 2012. After a conversation about CLI and Jeff’s vision for the organization’s future, Michelle wanted to help in any way to move forward toward making those dreams a reality. In 2013, after a trip to Malawi to visit the project, it was official. Child Legacy would forever in some way be a part of her life. The impact of the Project and the trip was a life-changing experience. The innovation and forward-thought of the Project were something she did not expect at the level it was in rural Msundwe. It has since grown beyond any dream mentioned at the first meeting with the Founders. Once back home, ideas flowed as she assisted with marketing, public relations, and branding efforts where needed while brainstorming new ways to share who Child Legacy was in their home away from Malawi in Boerne. Michelle used her business at the time, The Dienger Trading Co., to partner with CLI in their fundraising efforts and to share who they were. Fast forward to 2021, Michelle officially joined the board where she serves on the Marketing and Fundraising committee.

Michelle has always been drawn to cast a wider net of giving back but credits the trip to Africa as the pivotal jumpstart of her service to others. She has the honor of serving as a board member for the Cibolo Center for Conservation, The Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce, and as Co-Founder of 100 Women of the Hill Country. She previously held a board seat on Boerne Convention and Visitors Bureau board and Art Al Fresco Public Art Committee, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

At home, Michelle and her husband, Paul, are working hard to raise two good humans while exploring the Hill Country.

dacia napier, MD
Independent Board Member
Dacia is a physician, entrepreneur, and community leader, with a longstanding commitment to improving women’s and children’s health and economic sustainability. Dacia has been a supporter of CLI for many years and joined its Board in 2020, where she plays a vital role in advancing the organization’s focus on these areas. Dacia has been instrumental in developing MOYO, Goods, a Public Benefit Corporation that is expected to generate significant positive cash flow by 2026 and help offset CLI’s medical expenses. Born in Guam to a military family, Dacia grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, and earned a Biochemistry and Art History degree from Rice University. She then attended UT Houston Medical School, where she earned her medical degree. After completing her residency in diagnostic radiology, Dacia became the first woman president of M&S Imaging. Currently on sabbatical from her radiology career, Dacia devotes her time to Moyo Goods, CLI, and her board positions for Texas Biomedical Research Institute and San Antonio Museum of Art. Dacia and her husband Lanham have two adult children, son Cade graduating from Yale University this spring, and daughter Avery an honors psychology sophomore at Tufts University. Her husband of 29 years Lanham is a business investor.
mark k. boling
Independent Board Member

Mark K. Boling has been a member of the CLI Board since 2010 and has made significant contributions to the organization’s mission. He has focused his efforts on enhancing maternal and infant medical care, promoting youth development programs, and advancing CLI’s environmental sustainability initiatives. Mr. Boling is also a leader in the development of CLI’s Sustainable Village Project.

Aside from his work at CLI, Mr. Boling is the Founder and CEO of 2C ENERGY, LLC, a company with a mission to promote a rational middle approach to the energy transition. Their goal is to support economic growth, enhance energy security, and provide modern energy to millions of people who lack it. Mr. Boling’s belief is that combining decarbonization policies with low-carbon technologies will help to achieve a successful transition to a low-carbon economy.

Before founding 2C ENERGY, Mr. Boling served as Executive Vice President of Southwestern Energy Company, where he led the development of solutions to the challenges of unconventional resource development that balanced environmental, social, and economic impacts. Mr. Boling has also served as President of SunHawk Energy Company and was a partner with the law firm of Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.

Mr. Boling is a frequent speaker on unconventional oil and gas development, hydraulic fracturing, and the low-carbon economy. He was named the U.S. Innovative Lawyer of the Year by the London Financial Times in 2012.

Jeremy rogers
Independent Board Member
Jeremy Rogers, born and raised in Zimbabwe, comes from a family deeply involved in humanitarian work. His parents, Jeff and Karen Rogers are the co-founders of CLI. Jeremy’s career began as a bush pilot in Malawi, flying across borders to Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. The real-world experiences he gained during this time propelled his career when he later moved to the United States. Starting as a first officer on a Citation Ultra, Jeremy steadily climbed the ranks to become a captain and check airman on the Hawker 800/1000 and Falcon 900, respectively. Throughout Jeremy’s life, his experiences in Zimbabwe had a profound impact on him, particularly his visits to the CLI orphanage in Chingele. Connecting with the children there ignited a deep sense of compassion, leading him to sponsor an orphan boy named Tapiwa. After a five-year absence, Jeremy returned to Malawi and was deeply moved by the positive transformations he witnessed in people’s lives. Witnessing the joy and happiness that his wife, Chayce, experienced while working at the school they helped establish, further fueled Jeremy’s desire to have their entire family involved in serving others. The genuine interactions between the school children and their own children left an indelible impression, highlighting the transformative power of CLI’s work. During his time at the CLI hospital, Jeremy was humbled by the high volume of patients, emphasizing the indispensable role CLI plays in the region. Despite the challenges faced, he is immensely excited about the organization’s growth and prospects for sustainability. Jeremy joined the Board in 2015 and remains steadfast in his faith, acknowledging the unwavering provision of God throughout his journey.

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