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Dr. Deak is Going to Malawi!

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Hi, my name is Dr Kelley Deak and I seek your support through prayers and financial contribution to a sight restoring cause.
I want you to consider this question:

If you had to choose only one of your senses to keep which one would it be

I, like most people, would choose my sight. My grandmother went blind from a disease called macular degeneration and I watched firsthand how dependent she became on others to do tasks that she previously could do herself. Imagine if you could no longer see your children’s or grandchildren’s faces, read a book, see the food on your plate, write a note to someone, look at your phone to see who is calling or read a text, check to see who is at your door or, drive your car – How would your life be different? I know mine would drastically change.

Worldwide, the leading cause of blindness is not macular degeneration, it is cataracts. Yet, in countries with modern amenities and accessible healthcare, patients wait about a month for cataract surgery- a ten minute procedure, immediate restoration of vision, and move on with their lives. What if you had to wait years without sight-restoring surgery or never had the opportunity to see again? In countries like Malawi, this is exactly what happens.

I am an optometrist who graduated from Indiana University 19 years ago. I have been blessed to serve the eyecareneeds of thousands of people in South Central Indiana. Recently, God has put in my heart to serve underprivileged people who don’t have the luxury of accessible healthcare for sight-saving care. I have the opportunity to help people see again by traveling to Malawi this summer as an integral part of a growing eyecare initiative in the area.

I know my role is to go and give hands-on service to the people in Malawi but just as important as my going is your support through prayers and and contributions to this sight restoring cause. The trip is right around the corner and I feel God will make this possible through the abundance of love that I am surrounded with every day from my friends, family, and even people I have never met. The funds raised will go toward medical supplies and my travel expenses (including my visa). In addition, your financial contribution is tax deductible.

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Thank you for partnering with me and my colleagues in this upcoming mission!