Frequently asked questions

CLI provides opportunities for people to help themselves through programs that support healthy, sustainable communities. Our foundation of renewable energy allows us to work in underserved rural communities, bringing them world-class health care, research and innovation; clean water initiatives; agricultural development; and vocational training programs. Our goal is to empower people and families to support themselves and, therefore, their communities.

CLI has full-scale programming in Zimbabwe and Malawi. 

Through the generosity of people like you. We also partner with a small selection of organizations, nonprofits, businesses, and churches to help fund specific programs.
This question has two important answers. One, CLI programs are focused on individual empowerment and building local participation in solutions to hunger and generational poverty. We give a hand up, not a hand-out. Two, our extensive deployment of renewable energy solutions sets our work apart and makes it far more effective. Renewable energy allows CLI to serve areas previously considered unreachable. We build wind and solar systems that produce reliable, cost-effective power in communities that cannot be reached by the national grid, making facilities like state-of-the-art hospitals possible.
Yes. CLI is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, registered in the State of Texas.
For other questions, information or comments, please contact our U.S. office at or call us at (830) 331-9428. Our U.S. office is located in Boerne, Texas.

Your monthly gift will be sent directly to Chingele Children’s Home in rural Zimbabwe, enabling us to provide essential resources, education, healthcare, and a loving environment for the children. To get a glimpse of the wonderful children in the home you’ll be supporting, we’ll provide you with updated photos and reports that outline the progress and positive changes Chingele Children’s Home is experiencing throughout the year.

Sponsoring a well is easy! Donate $1,600 and our water team will repair a broken pump in a village that desperately needs clean water. Then we’ll send you a report that gives the details of the repair where your well sponsorship took place. You’ll get to see the actual faces of the people you helped with clean water!

You can make a secure online donation using any major credit card or your bank account through Paypal. Or you can send a check or money order to: Child Legacy International, Inc., P.O. Box 805, Boerne, TX 78006

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