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Partner with us today!

Our mission is to build sustainable communities in Africa, where hope thrives and legacies of opportunity are created, breaking the generational cycle of poverty. Your donation allows CLI to provide access to clean water, proper nutrition, medical care, education and training to thousands of families in rural Africa every year. Your support brings help, healing and HOPE to those who need it most!

Sponsor a child

Your monthly gift will be sent directly to Chingele Children’s Home in rural Zimbabwe, where it will help with the costs associated with your sponsored child. Details of what your sponsorship covers can vary from child to child—from tuition or medical expenses to food and clothing—but 100% of your sponsorship amount directly benefits your child. You’ll receive a photo and information about your child, have the opportunity to build a personal relationship through letter writing, and get annual progress reports with updated photos.

Support Moyo Goods

Moyo Goods is a new public benefit corporation (PBC) that is in the business of growing, marketing and distributing food and other consumer goods from the Child Legacy International agricultural operation in Malawi. By investing in Moyo Goods, you can help this innovative company break the cycle of poverty through the development of a sustainable model for agriculture and business in Malawi. Give the resourceful people of this rural area a hand up—not just a hand-out—by supporting a “growing” business that works for them and their future. Invest in Moyo. It’s a “growing” business.

Do the Clean Water Climb

Launched in 2011, the purpose of this annual climb is to raise awareness and funds for clean water in Malawi. You may be thinking, “Why climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro?” It’s simple. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. It reaches an outrageous 19,341 feet. That’s nearly 4 miles upward. This mountain is large, and that is a perfect representation of the enormity of the water problem in Malawi.