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Child Legacy Hospital treats over 50,000 patients in rural Malawi each and every year. We are currently seeing record patient loads of up to 1,300 per week, and many times the difference between life and death can simply be sterile products used to heal. Currently, the Ministry of Health does not have the resources to supply hospitals with the required drugs or consumables, so we are reaching out to our friends and communities in America to help bridge the gap.

Our goal is to collect enough hospital supplies to fill a container that is leaving for Malawi on May 20th.  These consumables and supplies will not only contribute to CLI Hospital, but they will help to relieve the burden on surrounding rural clinics and outposts as well.


You can make a difference!

In order to make this as easy as possible, we’ve created “Wish Lists” on We’ve divided these lists into categories, but feel free to pick and choose whatever you’d like to contribute to the hospital.

***All shipments must arrive on/before May 18th!!***


Click Here to shop for Consumables

Click Here to shop for Laboratory Supplies

Click Here to shop for Janitorial Supplies

Click Here to shop for Hospital Admin Supplies


If you live in the Boerne/San Antonio area, you can use this printable shopping list to purchase the needed supplies and drop them off at CLI’s office or at your participating organization.

Alternately, by making a donation below, your funds will be designated to the purchase and shipment of these critically needed Hospital Supplies.

Donate Today!

    • Donations are designated to the purchase and shipment of Child Legacy International’s Hospital Supplies and are 100% tax-deductible; all online payments are securely processed via Paypal.
    • Child Legacy International is commited to our donors’ security. We will never sell, trade or share donor information.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions at