When a sick child is brought to CLI Hospital, we want to heal them.

Today Child Legacy Hospital finds itself in a critical place. Malawi is suffering… between last year’s massive flooding in an otherwise dry rainy season, to the very dry rainy season we’re experiencing this year, rural families have been yielding very insufficient harvests, so we’re seeing a much higher number of malnourished children coming through our doors. Malaria is higher than we have ever seen, especially among the under-fives, and with weakened immune systems due to sustained malnutrition, we are seeing more dangerous complications arise with each case.
As an approved NGO in this country, Child Legacy Hospital receives 25% of our drug supply from Malawi’s Ministry of Health. But due to such high patient volumes, all of the facilities and hospitals in and around our catchment area have run out of malaria drugs, so they have been and continue to refer their patients to CLI Hospital. We are now seeing roughly 900 patients a week– that is over 400 patients per week above the seasonal average. Our Hospital Team refuses to turn patients away- it is their vision to heal the sick in the name of Christ, but it is requiring unbelievable hours, effort, and expenses.

We are trying to raise an additional $30,000 to purchase critically needed drugs for CLI Hospital.

Child Legacy co-founders Jeff and Karen Rogers have donated the first $1500.


Right now, we are trying to raise an additional $30,000 to allow us to purchase critically needed drugs for CLI Hospital. By far, the single biggest need that we have is a malaria drug in the form of a syrup that we give to the children. The projections for malaria occurrences in children this year are grim, so we must continue to treat children with this life-saving medicine through the end of May when the malaria season is finally over.
We realize that $30,000 is no small “ask”, but we believe that we can reach enough people to reach our goal! The Child Legacy Hospital Team is working around the clock to save thousands of sick children from dying of malaria. If some people want to give a little more, it will only help to purchase more drugs. We’re asking you to help CLI make it through the end of this May- the end of this malaria season- without having to turn a single sick child away because we do not have the resources. Partner with us today!


Keep CLI’s Hospital Team equipped to heal sick children during this malaria season!


  • Donations are designated to Child Legacy International’s 2016 Malaria Fund and are 100% tax-deductible; all online payments are securely processed via Paypal.

  • We only need 19 people to match the Rogers’ gift of $1500, but give what you can. Whether you’re able to give $15 or $15,000- every penny counts to make a difference for CLI Hospital’s patients!

  • Child Legacy International is commited to our donors’ security. We will never sell, trade or share donor information.


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