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Child Legacy International Inc. is a Christian non-profit organization working in Africa to transform lives by providing opportunities that break the generational cycle of poverty and despair, and support each person’s pursuit of their God-given destiny.

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  • For any community to survive, it must have access to clean water. Child Legacy works to provide safe, stable water sources for people in Africa to reduce water-borne illnesses, improve economic opportunity for women and help families live longer and prosper.
  • Food is a necessity of life. That’s why Child Legacy is dedicated to feeding individuals and families in Africa and teaching them proper farming methods to encourage long-term sustainability in their communities.
  • For any community to thrive, primary healthcare services should be easily accessible. Child Legacy constructs healthcare centers to serve large catchment areas of the most disadvantaged populations in Africa.
  • For a community to sustain itself beyond basic subsistence, its members must be able to participate in an economy. Child Legacy provides education and training in applicable vocations to equip people in sub-Saharan regions of Africa with marketable skills or trades to succeed.



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The Average Life Expectancy in Malawi is 43

The Number of People Effected by One Well is 2,100

The Percentage of Children that Die Before Age Five is 25%

The Average Cost to Fix one Water Well is only $1,250

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