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A child dies every 15 seconds from disease attributable to unsafe drinking water, deplorable sanitation, and poor hygine.

Together we can stand up
and say never again!

Well Repair Program

Child Legacy International helps provide safe drinking water by drilling multiple boreholes at each of our project sites in order to secure stable, safe water sources for our targeted communities.
We also strive to repair as many broken water pumps in Malawi as possible. Repairing wells alone ensures decreased mortality rates and allows women — who spend the majority of their days hauling water from great distances — the chance to manage their households or engage in income-generating work. Since starting the program in 2008, we have repaired over 1,900 wells. Each well repair costs $1,000 to complete. With donor support, we have supplied 3.8 million Malawians with clean, safe water.

A gospel message is shared during every repair so that communities are nourished with clean water and living water. However, a Christian faith is not required to receive a well repair. We reach out to the Muslim population in Malawi by providing repairs to their villages as well. As a result of our outreach, Child Legacy has built positive working relationships with several Muslim chiefs, with them inviting us to replicate the Sustainable Program Development Model in their districts.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Clean Water Climb

clean-water-climbIn July 2011, Child Legacy held the 1st Annual Mt. Kilimanjaro Clean Water Climb to help raise awareness and fund our well repair program. Spearheaded by Mike Navolio, eleven individuals gave their time, energy and resources to raise money and then raise themselves to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain topping out at an elevation of 19,341 feet! Although it was a daunting task for our climbers, it was a great success as a fundraiser. Over $52,000 was donated for clean water in Malawi through this event. The 2nd and 3rd Annual Climbs were even more successful, allowing us to repair hundreds more wells! Preparations for the 4th Annual Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb are already under way.

Learn more about our Mt. Kilimanjaro Clean Water Climb.

Health & Hygiene Education | Sponsor a Well, Provide Water for 500

We work closely with community members to teach and promote safe health and hygiene practices, such as washing their hands and dishes with soap and handling water the safe way. Our goal is to reduce the spread of waterborne illnesses in the areas we serve.

When you sponsor Child Legacy to repair a well for a village or school, at least 500 Malawians benefit. For just $1000, we repair the well, purify the water inside, teach proper health and hygiene, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the surrounding villagers. This method exponentially multiplies the saving of millions of lives.

You can help us save lives, too. For our 2014 goal of 365 well repairs, we have secured funding for 24 wells. Become a part of our clean water initiative by sponsoring a well today, and help families in rural Africa gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Just $1 provides clean water for 1-2 people for up to 5 years. If you want to actively participate in raising funds for clean water, read more about the Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb.

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