In order to change the face of Africa, her people must be given opportunities to change their own destinies. Africa’s children are her future, and we are dedicated to nurturing them into self-sufficient adults.


The heartbeat of CLI’s work is vocational training. We are committed to making vocational training a viable option for rural communities, and to helping every individual get the right training and core skills needed to contribute to sustainable development in Africa. The Life Sowing Training School, our vocational training center in Zimbabwe, has graduated over 12,000 students, with over 80% retaining income-earning jobs today.

Coursework ranges from auto mechanics to secretarial to cosmetology. In order to follow through with our students completely, CLI works with local businesses to locate employment for our graduates. In addition, we provide microfinance loans for qualified students to begin their own small businesses. Each loan gives an individual an opportunity to achieve their dreams and become a positive role model to help transform their communities. The big picture is that hundreds of teenage prostitutes and street kids are given the opportunity to learn a trade that keeps them from living lives of crime just to survive.
Vocational training provides the foundation to help individuals be self-sufficient. Men and women in Africa can learn a particular skill set or trade to provide for themselves and their families, and ultimately give back to their communities and empower their neighbors to realize their own ability to do the same. By promoting self-sufficiency, we are molding leaders of influence who will be agents of positive social change within their communities.

Child Legacy’s sewing course is an 8 month program educating the most vulnerable women in our catchment area with a marketable skill. For just $500, you can provide enrollment, expert instruction, and all the hands-on materials needed for a woman to learn to sew for a profit.

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