Promoting Excellence in Zimbabwe

In 1987, Child Legacy established an orphanage in Chingele, Zimbabwe. Currently, the Chingele Children’s Home provides invaluable shelter, education and care to over 50 Zimbabwean children. Our facility fosters a nurturing environment that allows individuals the chance to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally. As a result of providing a setting conducive to learning, the kids at Chingele have achieved some of the highest standardized testing scores in the area.

Additionally, we offer a bridge program that allows each child to transfer into our vocational training school upon completion of primary and secondary schooling – some of them choosing skills training, others opting for formal university or employment at Child Legacy’s facilities. Overall, our initiatives aim to equip future generations with the right skills and resources to benefit themselves and their community as a whole.

A Partnership of Future Leaders

In 2006, we partnered with Carver Academy from San Antonio, Texas, to bring their successful “PILLARS” program (a character building incentive program) and a shipment of school supplies to the orphans of New Hope Academy. New Hope’s children were delighted, expressing excitement to return to the classroom to utilize their new learning tools.

In 2007, Carver donated school supplies to New Hope, with Carver’s students operating on-going fundraising efforts for the Kenyan school’s operating costs. We also facilitated a cross-continental pen-pal program between Carver Academy students in the United States and New Hope students in Kenya. By collaborating with local partners to support Africa’s youth, we are striving to inspire young people to see a life of opportunity for themselves and their communities. Together, we are working to produce the next generation of leaders in sub-Saharan African nations.

Fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa

Very few sub-Saharan African nations have made major progress in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In Malawi alone, 12% of adults suffer and perish from HIV/AIDS, killing off family breadwinners and robbing children of their mothers, fathers, and caretakers.

The following factors contribute to the lack of progress:

  • Extreme poverty
  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Lack of education/information
  • Lack of healthcare
  • Government corruption & violent conflict
  • Social stigma
  • Gender inequality
  • Teenage sex work for income generation

Child Legacy International takes an active role in addressing the devastation brought upon by the virus by bringing educational programs to the rural populations – the most high-risk areas – that focus on awareness and prevention. Our Mobile HIV/AIDS Program educates individuals on maintaining healthy lifestyles and encourages them to know their HIV status so they can protect themselves and those they love the most.


In order to change the face of Africa her people must be given opportunities to change their own destinies.

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