Vocational Training


calibri color-brown”>Watching a father become empowered to provide for his children for the first time is a remarkable thing to witness. That’s why the heartbeat of Child Legacy’s work is vocational training. We are committed to making vocational training a viable option for rural communities, and to helping every individual get the right training and core set of skills needed to contribute to a sustainable development of Africa.


The Life Sowing Training School in Zimbabwe

Because of the overwhelming need for skills training in Zimbabwe, we established the largest private vocational training school in the southeast region of the nation. Our training center offers students the opportunity to learn valuable skills in a specific area of work in order to obtain employment. We provide courses in the following fields: Auto Mechanics, Carpentry, Computer Skills, Dressmaking, Secretarial Skills/Typing, Shorthand, Small Business Management, Tractor Maintenance, and Welding. Out of the 7,000 graduates, 80% hold income-earning jobs in a country with an unemployment rate of 95%.

New Vocational School in Malawi

The proposed school in Malawi will hold three large classrooms to provide training for both men and women. Courses will initially focus on agriculture, carpentry and auto mechanics in one classroom, and nursing and medical support studies in the other. Ultimately, the vocational training school will include nursing/medical support studies, auto electrics, construction, computers (secretarial skills), and agriculture.


Employment Solutions

In order to follow through with our students completely, Child Legacy International works with local businesses to locate employment for our graduates.

In addition, we provide microfinance loans for qualified students to begin their own small businesses. Each loan gives an individual an opportunity to achieve their dreams and become a positive role model to help transform their communities.

A Sustainable Future

Vocational training provides the foundation to help individuals be self-sufficient. Men and women in Africa can learn a particular skill/trade to provide for themselves and their families, and ultimately give back to their communities and empower their neighbors to realize their own ability to do the same. By promoting self-sufficiency, we are molding leaders of influence who will be agents of positive social change within their communities.

With your support, we can bring a brighter, more sustainable future to the people of Africa. We turn your contributions into promising futures for millions in need. Help us change destinies today.